First site on Dark-Web

I have been doing some digging on the “Dark-Web”. And to know how to setup a site on the “Dark-Web” I made one.

This is how you do it:

  1. Run XAMPP
  2. Create your Own Web Site on
  3. Test your web site with normal FireFox on
  4. Download Tor Browser
  5. Create “hidden_service” folder in below location C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Tor Browser
  6. Start and Stop Tor Browser
  7. Add below two lines in C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor\torrc file HiddenServiceDir C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Tor Browser\hidden_service HiddenServicePort 80
  8. Start Tor Browser
  9. Open C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Tor Browser\hidden_service
  10. Find the host name file and open and copy the URL
  11. Open Copied URL using TOR browser
  12. DONE!
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PHP Infected

At a certain point as a Security Consultant / Ethical Hacker you may find that some other hackers are aiming at you and you domain.

Well it happend. They where able to place some files on the shared hosting environment of my Internet Site Hoster. I found out that files where placed as I recieved mails from SIDN that thier “Netcraft Takedown Service” had found infected files inside my domain.
(my domain is located on other servers.)

OK… Domain down.. Darn..
Looking at the folder at my hosted site I see the files and copy the content to my system for future investigation.

Lets put the script to the test:

Password protected Encrypted File Password request

OK. Password. Lets try to decrypt the file.

The site: did a neat job...

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The Five Phases of Hacking

The five phases of Hacking are as follow:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining Access
  • Covering Tracks

This is the primary phase where the Hacker tries to collect as much information as possible about the target. It includes Identifying the Target, finding out the target’s IP Address Range, Network, DNS records, etc.

It involves taking the information discovered during reconnaissance and using it to examine the network. Tools that a hacker may employ during the scanning phase can include dialers, port scanners, network mappers, sweepers, and vulnerability scanners. Hackers are seeking any information that can help them perpetrate attack such as computer names, IP addresses, and user accounts.

Gaining Access:
After scanning, the hacker designs ...

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SoftEther VPN

Comfortable Network Anywhere

Are you a business man and running around the world? Most of Wi-Fi and local ISPs of several countries are discomfort to use because of packet filtering or censorship. So set up your private relay server on your home PC and use it from fields to gain ease.

Back to Your Home Network Anytime from Anywhere

When you are traveling around the world you will notice that some hotel-room networks, airport Wi-Fi and local ISPs are restricting their IP networks with packet filters. The policies of IP network restrictions are vary around the world, however most of outside networks are filled with restrictions.

SoftEther VPN helps you to keep the comfortable Internet access environment while you are traveling around the world...

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Install Kali tools anywhere with Kali Linux Git Repositories

I don’t know if this trick is well known because I haven’t seen it documented anywhere. You can install Kali Linux APT packages on any Debian machine. Yes, any Debian, not Kali!.

Why would you wanna do that? Well, let’s say your employer wants you to do tests from a Debian server. It happened to me, they wanted all tests to originate from the same IP and provided a shared Debian server.
Some tools are only available as Kali packages, and can’t be found on Github or anywhere else. Also, installing tools with APT is always better because then they’re easier to update (with apt-get update && apt-get upgrade).

Here is how you do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Look for the tool you want. It must be available by default on Kali, like lbd
  3. Click on “packages/lbd...
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